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100% of donations go toward supporting the emotional well-being of people with illnesses & disabilities, and their families. 


Living with an illness or disability is stressful.

There are nearly 7,000 rare diseases affecting almost 30 million people. 1 in every 5 people has a disability, half of which are considered severe. But anyone living with any kind of condition inherently faces an array of emotional and psychological challenges.

We know it’s hard to find calm in the midst of the chaos.

That's why we're harnessing mindfulness, positivity, and self-care to manage the stress of living with any kind of illness or disability. Scroll down to see what we're developing to help you and your loved ones reduce stress and live a happier, healthier, more productive life...




what's in the works


Emotional e-Toolkit

An interactive hub to learn about accessible tools for emotional support when living with an illness or disability, including Relationship, Meditation, and more. Check it out!


YouTube Channel

Videos covering emotional and psychological themes for people living with, or having a loved one with, an illness or disability.


"Moving Beyond Your Battle"

An e-Book on finding calm amidst the stress. Identify emotional triggers, identify personal anchors, develop strategies for finding calm anywhere & anytime.


Podcast Series

Monthly episodes addressing emotional and psychological topics useful to people living with, or having a loved one with, an illness or disability.


Resource Libraries

Additional tools for you and your loved ones, including book recommendations, stress-management products, and other external links.


"Becoming a Source of Calm"

An e-Book on understanding the emotional stressors of your loved one, and how to become a source of calming support; learn self-care strategies for yourself, because we can’t pour from an empty cup!