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Ancely Womble


Resin, Acrylic & Gold Enamel on Wood

Before fibromyalgia, I was very active, as a mother and person in general. I went from working a pharmacy, exercising daily, being spontaneous, to not being able to make plans, not moving more than my eyes on some days, and turning in my go cart races for a wheel chair at times. Art has allowed me to do something not only productive, but rewarding. When I make someone happy with what I created from paint, inspiration, and imagination, it gives me a sense of satisfaction. It's easy to get lost in depression and a sense of hopelessness and loss, but art pulls me out. It takes my hand and says, "You are more than your illness, so share that, smile about that, take the moment and appreciate yourself for that." Art went from being a hobby, to being an escape route, to being my therapy.

Beyond My Battle