C.A.M. Cameron | Beautiful Broadway 


C.A.M. Cameron 

Beautiful Broadway 

Watercolor, Pen & Ink 

"We've pretty well ruled out a brain tumor" isn't the greeting anyone expects to hear on meeting the neurologist you thought you were sent to for a few tests, just as a precaution. And having lost the parent in medicine who used to explain things and put them in proper context made it that much more difficult. The diagnosis of a seizure disorder which followed, and the eventual necessity to stop driving, made my previous media work a challenge. But it was caring for the other parent during her illness and death that ultimately prevented me from doing any "deadline" work, and turned me back toward art. A chance meeting with an area artist when I returned to Saratoga provided me with the first local venue to sell my painted pieces, which are now in stores and homes throughout the region – something I could not have imagined just a few years earlier! Sometimes when one door closes, another (truly unexpected) one really does open.

Beyond My Battle