Lenka E. H. Simmons | See Through Her Eyes 


Lenka E. H. Simmons 

See Through Her Eyes 


I was born with Synesthesia. I have many types of Synesthesia but the most known would be Chromestesia. I see music, i see sounds, and i see voices in colors, shapes, and textures. My world is never colorless. I am also dyslexic and have problems with my immune system. I never studied art, never drew or painted before, so everything is very new to me. Mixing colors or using different media is still very foreign. I started to draw last year as a part of therapy for my depression. Painting, drawing, and pouring makes me feel free; lets me come out of my broken body and fly; hide and be open at the same time. I can pour my soul on a paper and not hurt. I can be someone or something else and still be me.

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