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Martel Catalano



Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Long before being diagnosed with a rare eye disease at age 13, I was drawing on everything, going to art camp, and decorating my room with all sorts of creations. It’s ironic that chronic illness is taking my vision and I am such a visual person – both inspired by what I see and compelled to turn it into something to be seen. Today, I use watercolors to remind myself to break away from the rigidness I otherwise place on my life – the inclination to plan everything out that stems from my general anxiety of not knowing what lies ahead with incurable vision loss. Painting forces me drop into a state of pure Being. When I paint, it is as if I am in control, yet out of control; like the Taoist concept of “wei-wu-wei” or action/non-action, a sort of effortless effort creates my favorite pieces.

Beyond My Battle