Mary Tipton | Twin Flames 


Mary Tipton 

Twin Flames 


Art has helped me before I even knew I was disabled. I did not qualify for the regents so art helped me get my high school diploma. I do the art classes at Healing Springs and I am in my own zone when I paint and work on my own piece there. All my troubles melt away! When I am in the community sometimes I feel like an outsider even though I know many people, and feel like I have many friends. I feel like my mind plays tricks on me with my anxiety telling me people don't like me or want me around. it causes me to isolate sometimes and makes me depressed. But with art, I will paint watercolors at home, or at Healing Springs I come out of my shell and do acrylics. I see a picture I like and try to paint it and add my own flair. The whole world melts away and I don't care what anyone thinks.

Beyond My Battle