Olivia Wolfertz | Unpolished Ponderings 


Olivia Wolfertz 

Unpolished Ponderings 

Alcohol Inks on Yupo Paper 

A year into my now three-year journey with chronic Lyme disease, I was really struggling to feel useful and alive. So many of my other outlets to express myself, like running or sightseeing in my spare time, became so burdensome and overwhelming. I wanted a hobby that would not require me to exert much energy but would allow me to really express my frustrations, dreams, fears, heartaches and passions. Painting, at first with watercolors and later with alcohol inks, became the perfect creative outlet I needed. When I am having a bad week and am not able to physically or even mentally handle much (brain fog is a thing) painting is the perfect go-to activity that allows me to process and create something beautiful. It sounds cliché, but creating something tangible and colorful really does bring healing and energy to keep fighting this battle with chronic Lyme disease.

Beyond My Battle