THE breath TOOL


Serious Illness and Caregiver. Breath Tool. Woman with her Hand on her heart.

Anyone with a serious illness or disability in their life knows that finding calm amidst the chaos can be challenging. It often feels like there’s nothing we can do to help ourselves or someone that we love who is struggling.

However, there’s always something we can do to calm ourselves and others… we can breathe.

The breath is special because not only is it totally free, but it is something you already know how to do. It is with us wherever we go, whether we like it or not. You are breathing right now.

You may have noticed your breath speeding up when things get stressful or slowing down when you’re relaxed. You may have also noticed yourself release a big sigh when you’re suddenly relieved. Your emotions affect the way you breathe, and the quality of your breath affects your emotional (and physical) health.

The Breath Tool within the BMB Emotional e-Toolkit explains the benefits of mindful breathing and provides guided exercises in three short videos so that you can easily begin to incorporate the Tool into your life.