There is so much to learn about managing our own stress or understanding the stress of another. Helping you grow strong and supportive relationships – with others, but also with yourself! – is at the core of our mission. Because the quality of our relationships are directly tied to the quality of our well-being. We are excited to offer you digital material (purposefully made accessible to anyone, anywhere at any time) that enables you to dive deeper some of our most challenging issues when living with serious illness or disability. Learn more about them below, and be sure to sign up so that you’re notified when they are released!


Moving Beyond Your Battle: Calm Amidst The Stress

This e-Book is designed for the individual living with any kind of serious illness or disability. It teaches you how to identify your emotional stressors and develop a plan for staying calm and communicating your needs when the unavoidable stress sets in.

In this e-Book you will learn…

How to recognize your specific emotional triggers

Calming strategies that work anytime, anywhere

How to identify people who can be your emotional anchors

Ways to tell people that they are adding to your stress



This e-Book is for the care partner of someone living with any kind of serious illness or disability. It helps you understand the emotional stressors of your loved one and teaches you how to become a source of calming support; It also provides self-care strategies for you, because we can’t pour from an empty cup.

In this e-Book you will learn…

How to calm your loved one when you feel like there’s nothing you can do

Ways to remain calm in a state of panic

Signs that you need to take care of yourself – and how

Talking points for difficult situations