Living with a serious illness or a disability is emotionally stressful no matter which side of the challenge you are on. It’s important to manage the stress for our bodies and minds. That’s why we created the BMB Emotional e-Toolkit, a free and accessible collection of fundamental strategies that will help reduce your stress so you can live a happier, healthier life. Each Tool is conveniently laid out to make it easy for you to learn about, understand, and implement it into your life,

We’ve filled the e-Toolkit with 5 Tools proven to bring you back to a state of calm when living with the inherent stress of illness and disability:


The e-Toolkit is useful for anyone living with, or caring for someone with, any kind of serious illness or disability. Because one's well-being is inseparable from the well-being of their support system.


If you are an INDIVIDUAL dealing with a new diagnosis or coping with a serious illness or disability, you will find that the Tools help you reduce stress and build resilience to deal with the everyday (often exhausting) emotions that come with your condition.

If you are a LOVED ONE of someone with a serious illness or disability, you will find that the Tools help you understand their (often indescribable) stress so that you can help soothe it. The Tools will also help you develop ways to manage your own stress as a caregiver.


Take note, the Tools are about self-care… not self-discipline.

When we focus on control, we add to the mental and physical depletion we’re already experiencing.  Therefore, our strategies are focused on managing stress with self-compassion. Notice what makes you feel better without forcing it, and move through the Tools at your own pace.