A simple way to get back in touch with nature…

Step one may be obvious: head outside. This could be at a random time or as part of something you already do (like walking to the bus or walking your dog).

Next, be mindful of the natural elements and objects that you see. Look up at the sky and notice the clouds or the moon. Look around you and notice any plants, fallen leaves, snow, squirrels (you get the idea).

Now close your eyes and listen. What do you hear? Maybe you pick up on the crunch of a leaf, or the wind blowing some trees. Perhaps you hear nothing at all – just silence. If you are in an urban setting you might hear cars and people talking so it is best to find a park to do this.

Keeping your eyes closed, notice what scents are around. They may be subtle but see if you can try to pick up on at least one thing you smell. It could be the scent of recent rainfall or just an overall earthy aroma.

Bonus Tip: Each time you come across a natural object or element that makes you feel something emotionally, take note. If you have time, take out your phone and snap a photo. If you have more time, consider drawing it. When you get home, write about it. How did it look? What was the texture of the object, or the smell of the scene? More importantly, write about how it made you feel. What emotions were evoked during your walk when you came across this? Do you associate it with feelings (like gratitude or awe) or memories (from a period of life or a specific moment)? Nobody sees this but you, so don’t worry about how well-written or articulate it is. Just write and see what you find.