Serious Illness and Caregiver. Meditation Tool. Calming Black Rocks Balancing in a Tower Formation on One Another.

Documented for over thousands of years, some say meditation is as old as humanity itself.

While it takes some practice, meditation is far simpler than it is often perceived to be. The common misperception is that meditation is sitting down and doing nothing, or emptying your mind. The mind is always going to move, and meditation observes that movement. So what is it, exactly?

Meditation is simply the process of getting to know your mind.

You may have heard the phrase “monkey mind” used alongside meditation before. The monkey mind is an analogy for a noisy, restless, unsettled mind. Like a monkey running rampant in the forest, the unrestrained mind runs wild around our thoughts. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the state our mind typically is in.

When we try to control the “monkey”, it gets louder and fights back. When we stop fighting the “monkey,” it becomes quieter and calmer.

There are many ways to meditate. The Meditation Tool within the BMB Emotional e-Toolkit makes the practice easy to understand and implement into your life, citing research and offering mindfulness meditations you can do wherever.