helping individuals and care partners manage the emotional stress of serious illness and disability


Living with a serious illness or a disability is stressful. emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, and anxiety. We know that it's easy to get caught up in, or commiserate around, these feelings. But study after study shows that stress is detrimental to the body and mind. Physically, it weakens the immune system and is connected to a host of illnesses. Mentally, stress breeds more stress, making it debilitating and contagious to others. It negatively impacts our emotions, behaviors, and overall quality of life.

For someone living with a serious illness or disability, stress and negative emotion can further compromise health and impact relationships with those most important.

To remedy this, BMB provides emotional support and educational resources that help people manage the stress of serious illness and disability. Programs centered around stress-management build resilience and improve overall well-being. Rather than catering to a specific condition or group of conditions, our approach focuses on emotional themes and challenges that stretch beyond a specific diagnosis.

Core values of mindfulness, awareness, and compassion mean that our support and resources are applicable to any diagnosis and useful to both patient and care partner.

This methodology allows individuals to break down the walls of comparison that often cause people to identify as their circumstance. Our core values are woven throughout support and educational material, as they carry mind-body and interpersonal benefits.