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Beyond My Battle is a nonprofit organization helping individuals and care partners manage the emotional stress of serious illness and disability


Having an illness or a disability is stressful. It brings up lots of negative emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, and anxiety. We know that it's easy to get caught up in, or commiserate around, these feelings. But study after study shows that stress is detrimental to the body and mind. Physically, it weakens the immune system and is connected to a host of illnesses. Mentally, stress breeds more stress, making it debilitating and contagious. 

For someone living with a serious illness or disability, stress and negative energy can further compromise health and impact relationships with those most important – families, friends, and care partners.  

Because of this, Beyond My Battlefocuses on helping people with diseases and disabilities get to the root of their stress so they can better detect, manage, and reduce it. Rather than offering support and education around a specific condition or group of conditions, we concentrate on the interconnectedness of body and mind, no matter the diagnosis. We speak to emotional and psychological themes that stretch beyond a single medical condition, such as the loss of independence, communication, self-worth, and overall well-being. It doesn't matter what kind of condition you or your loved one has, so long as you are with us on the path of

Embracing mindfulness, awareness, and self-compassion to manage the stress of living with something we can't change. And recognizing that there is so much within our control, even when it feels like there isn't. 

Beyond My Battle doesn't only serve the individual with a disease or disability, but also their loved ones. We know that it can be difficult to understand the emotions of – and therefore support – a family member or friend who is living with a serious disease or disability. As such, Beyond My Battle serves people with diseases and disabilities, and their loved ones, in the following ways:



Together, let's break down the self-imposed boundaries that occur when we let our conditions define us. Let's learn to love and care for ourselves and our loved ones. And let's realize that we are so much more than the battles we face.