Serious Illness and Caregiver. Nature Tool. Many in the Mountains.

When we go about our everyday lives, it is easy to see nature as an “other” thing, separate from our human selves. But when we stop and think, we give ourselves the time to realize that we are an organism like any other – living in, breathing in, depending on, and part of the natural world.

Of course, we humans are more complex than, say, a leaf or a deer. We have intricate minds that have caused a gap to form between us and nature. Reuniting with the natural world is a wonderful way to close this gap.

Immersing ourselves in nature is not only a great way to reduce stress. It’s turning out to be an important part of overall health which is something we all want as people living with – or loving someone with – a serious illness or disability.

The Nature Tool within the BMB Emotional e-Toolkit explains the benefits of connecting with nature on a regular basis and provides several activities to guide you.