Serious Illness and Caregiver. Relationship Tool. Two Sets of Hands Holding Each Other on a Wooden Backdrop.

As an INDIVIDUAL with a serious illness or disability, we often need help from others. It is important that our relationships are strong and healthy. But oftentimes our stress leads to behaviors that push away people we need most.

As LOVED ONES of an individual with a serious illness or disability, we have our own challenges with relationships. Our stress may lead us to behave in ways that push others away. Also, we may feel shut out by the very people we’re trying to help. And while all we want to do is help, we’re at a loss for how to best do so.

We all need to understand why it can be so hard to effectively communicate because we need these vital relationships in our lives.

The Relationship Tool within the BMB Emotional e-Toolkit explains the importance of supportive relationships, and offers step-by-step ideas for how to create and maintain healthy relationships. It branches off into two paths – one for INDIVIDUALS living with disease/disability, and one for LOVED ONES.