Building resources for people living with diseases and disabilities and their loved ones is the main focus of Beyond My Battle

We strive to provide you and your support system with a variety of accessible, educational resources that you can use and share with others. Our growing collection will include our Emotional e-Toolkit, e-Books, videos, online programs, and continued learning.

We are curating a collection of internal and external resources that will be offered to anyone, anywhere, through our website. This space will serve as a hub for emotional wellbeing for people living with diseases/disabilities to learn how to manage stress, cultivate strong relationships, live healthy lives, love and accept ourselves for who we are. These resources are also for families, friends, and caretakers to learn how to better understand the emotional needs of their loved one and become a source of calming, sustainable support. 

We can't build these important offerings without your help – your support for Beyond My Battle goes directly to developing, designing, and ultimately delivering these tools. 

Serious Illness and Caregiver Resources Person Cross Legged on a Wood Floor with a Notebook and Cellphone