How Children and Adults Can Build Core Capabilities for Life

Our core capabilities allow us to go about our busy days at work, school, and home. But if those key skills become compromised by stress…then what? This 5-minute video from Harvard University explains and offers solutions for how to navigate stress in our everyday lives.

How Stress Affects the Body

Prolonged or recurring stress can damage virtually every part of the body. In this short, artfully animated video from TED-Ed, Sharon Horesh Bergquist talks about how chronic stress sabotages our physical health, the gut-brain connection, and how to reorient the way we respond to stress.

Changing The Way We Talk About Disability

Amy Oulton talks about societal stereotypes and assumptions surrounding chronic illness and disability. This TED Talk is a reminder that having a disability and leading a fun, fulfilling life are not mutually exclusive… and how to help others change perceptions and speaking patterns.


How Stress Affects Your Brain

An animated and fundamental rundown of how chronic stress impairs our emotions, focus, socialization, decision-making, comprehension and memory. This TED-Ed video teaches us why it is important to take control of daily stress, specifically to prevent negative cross-generational impacts.

Recognizing Glass Children

Alicia Arenas introduces us to the idea of a Glass Child – in other words, a healthy kid who has a brother or sister requiring ongoing care or attention. When parents are consumed by an ill or disabled child, other siblings can feel transparent. Arenas offers her story, compassion, and advice in this TED Talk.

Kids Meet a Teen with Chronic Illness

A teen talks lightheartedly about recognizing the challenges of life with chronic illness and ways to remain positive. This short video from HiHo Kids is a great reminder that everyone is different, and that talking about our conditions can be a strong, confident thing to do.